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Tombow Emails

Graphics for emails sent out to B2C and B2B costumers


Project Information

Created multiple graphics and assets for emails sent out to our B2C and B2B costumers.
Above are some examples:

Tombow Newsletter
Created graphics for newsletter that included main square, header and social media squares. Different colors/themes so that they can be used multiple times and mixed
with each other. This newsletter goes out every month and updates the costumers with
everything that Tombow currently offers.

Fudenosuke Email
Email for B2B costumers to promote new and existing products from the Fudenosuke Line. We wanted a colorful approach to this email since most of the products in this line are bright and fun. We also included graphics with calligraphy that was created with the product and later digitized.
A few calls to action such as "Great for" and "Download the sell sheet". I had part in created the layout and gathering of information for various sell sheets such as the one linked to this email.

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