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Beta Fish

Illustration used for promotional video for Youtube


Project Information

When staring my internship I was given the opportunity to try all the products Tombow had to offer. I already owned a couple of their products so I had prior knowledge and saw the opportunity to create art. I searched for what artwork might be missing and noticed that we didn't have many beta fish illustrations. It was my first idea since the variety of colors and details they have can be a great opportunity to show multiple colors and products.

I used Dual Brush Pens, Irojiten Colored Pencils and MONO Twin Permanent Marker. After showing the final illustrations they decided to use it for the Irojiten Colored Pencil section of the promotional video used for YouTube. This video showcases all our products accompanied
with an artwork that demonstrated what can be created.

Artwork can be viewed at 0:55 of the YouTube video above.

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