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I took a hands-on role in crafting an elaborate welcome packet tailored for new clients. This comprehensive packet comprised various elements, including multiple informative handouts, a heartfelt welcome letter, and a premium leather charger, all thoughtfully designed to provide a warm and informative reception for our valued clients.

My commitment to this project extended across every phase, from conceptualization to execution. This encompassed not only the ideation of the packet's contents but also meticulous oversight of its presentation, from the selection of the mailer design to the application of elegant wax seals and the careful selection of premium tissue paper. Resulting in a well-crafted and thoughtful welcome packet that exemplified the brand's commitment to delivering a superior client experience from the very first interaction.



Freelance Designer



During my time working for MooreConstant, I had the privilege of participating in a wide array of projects, each presenting a unique opportunity to demonstrate and refine my creative abilities. These experiences included the creation of captivating marketing materials, which played a pivotal role in both engaging the target audience and effectively conveying the core essence and values of the brand.


During my time, I had the privilege of actively participating in a wide spectrum of events, which encompassed everything from elegant client dinners to exciting destination getaways. What made my role truly fulfilling was my unwavering dedication to infuse each event with a distinct and coherent theme that resonated with the brand's essence. Every detail was thoughtfully designed to leave a lasting impression on clients and reinforce the brand's values of quality and refinement.

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