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In my role at Tombow, I managed the company's digital presence and promotional materials. This involved designing web graphics, catalog layouts, and social media assets, contributing significantly to Tombow's visual identity and communication strategy. I crafted versatile graphics for newsletters, email campaigns, blending guides, promotions, and product education. Additionally, I created mockups for packaging projects and developed digital and traditional artwork used across various platforms. These efforts enhanced Tombow's marketing initiatives and effectively engaged audiences.

Gift Guide

The HGG project was a meticulously executed effort spanning months. It involved creating visually appealing, informative graphics across platforms to showcase Tombow's products during the holiday season. Through social media and email campaigns, Tombow aimed to engage and inspire customers, driving interest and sales. The project's success underscored Tombow's commitment to creative and innovative marketing.

Given my familiarity with Tombow products, I seized the opportunity to experiment creatively. Recognizing a gap in beta fish illustrations, I saw it as the perfect canvas to showcase Tombow's versatility. Utilizing Dual Brush Pens, Irojiten Colored Pencils, and MONO Twin Permanent Markers, I embarked on the project. The illustration, upon completion, was featured in a promotional video on Tombow's YouTube channel, specifically highlighting the Irojiten Colored Pencils segment.


Graphic Designer | Seasonal


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