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Graphic Design Intern




In my role at Tombow, I played a multifaceted role in the company's digital presence and promotional materials. This encompassed designing web graphics, including banners, landing pages, as well as contributing to catalog design, ensuring accurate information and layouts for B2B and B2C communications. Additionally, I designed digital assets for social media platforms, including engaging stories, posts, artwork, and gifs. Contributing significantly to Tombow's visual identity and communication efforts.



My contributions included designing versatile graphics for the monthly newsletter, crafting engaging email campaigns, developing blending guides for artistic tools, designing eye-catching visuals for promotions and sales, and creating informative graphics for product education. I also took the initiative to create mockups for packaging projects and crafted artwork, both digital and traditional, used in various contexts, from packaging to social media. These assets were strategically deployed across multiple platforms, enhancing Tombow's marketing efforts and engaging audiences effectively.

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 10.44.44 PM.png

Holiday Gift Guide

The HGG project was a comprehensive and meticulously executed effort that spanned several months. It encompassed the creation of visually appealing and informative graphics for a variety of platforms, allowing Tombow to effectively showcase its products in a holiday context. By sharing these graphics through social media and email campaigns, Tombow aimed to engage and inspire its customers during the festive season, ultimately driving interest in and sales of its products. The project's success was a testament to Tombow's commitment to creativity and innovation in its marketing efforts.


I had the opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide range of Tombow products. Given my existing familiarity with some of their offerings, I recognized the potential to leverage these tools for creative artistry. I identified a gap in beta fish illustrations and believed it presented an ideal canvas for showcasing the versatility of Tombow's products, thanks to the fish's vibrant colors and intricate details. I embarked on this project using a combination of Dual Brush Pens, Irojiten Colored Pencils, and MONO Twin Permanent Markers.

Upon completing the illustration, it was selected to be featured in the promotional video, specifically in the Irojiten Colored Pencil segment, which is shared on Tombow's YouTube channel.

The artwork can be viewed at the 55-second mark in the YouTube video linked above.

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